List of Mazica Party Episodes

Mazica Party

Other name: Mazica Party


The plot of the franchise revolves around wizards who gather mazica in order to rescue the world. Kezuru, a junior high school student, awakens from a weird dream in which he is a wizard, a monster named "mazin," and a mystery female. The following day, his pal Kuracchi excitedly displays the newly released Mazica Party card game. To Kezuru's surprise, all of the figures printed on the game's cards look exactly like the ones he saw in his dream. Meanwhile, Kezuru receives an invitation to an event at the multinational corporation Mazica. Kezuru follows the instructions and travels to the Mazica Store, only to meet the Mazica CEO himself, Jeff Johns. "I have high expectations for you," Johns says as he delivers Kezuru Mazica Gear.