List of Mekakucity Actors Episodes

Mekakucity Actors

Other name: Mekakucity Actors


Shintarou Kisaragi is compelled to leave his room for the first time in two years on August 14, a sweltering summer day. Shintarou Kisaragi unintentionally spills cola all over his keyboard while arguing with the cyber female Ene who lives in his computer. Despite their efforts to locate a replacement online, most establishments are closed due to the Obon celebration, leaving them with little alternative except to visit the local department store. Shintarou is terrified of going outside, but the prospect of life without his computer is much scarier. It's just his luck that on the day he decides to go out, he finds himself in a horrific hostage scenario. Fortunately, a gang of youngsters known as the "Mekakushi Dan" have strange eye skills.