List of Miname-Ke Okaeri Episodes

Miname-Ke Okaeri

Other name: Miname-Ke Okaeri


Okawari and the three sisters have grown up in the past year. Their tastes and moods are nearly identical. Haruka, the elder sister, is a loving mother to the younger sisters and a strict disciplinarian. Kana, the middle one, often puts things off until the last minute and causes havoc for the three. Chiaki, the small one, is the scheming and manipulative one; she desires to be praised and loved by Haruka and is constantly causing problems for the less fortunate Kana. Despite the fact that they are an imbalanced family, they love each other with all of their hearts. The family's everyday existence is as amusing as ever, with both turmoil and affection constantly present. Now it's up to Haruka to see if they'll make it through this age transition.