List of Natsu no Arashi Episodes

Natsu no Arashi

Other name: Natsu no Arashi


Yasaka, a thirteen-year-old kid, is spending his summer vacation at his grandfather's house. He visited a store one day and encountered Arashi, a lovely sixteen-year-old girl who worked there. Yasaka fled away with her after attempting to defend her from a guy who claimed to have been paid by her family to take her back by force, and she now lives with him at his grandfather's house. It didn't take long for Yasaka to realize that his new acquaintance is no ordinary female, since she possesses extraordinary talents. The narrative thickens when he discovers a sixty-year-old photograph of Arashi with another girl called Kaja, and to everyone's amazement, Kaja emerges, and, like Arashi, her look hasn't altered.