List of Neo Angelique Abyss Episodes

Neo Angelique Abyss

Other name: Neo Angelique Abyss


While Angelique spends her days calmly at school, attacks from the monster Thanatos have increased everywhere else. Two Purifiers, men with the power to destroy Thanatos, appear one day. Nyx, one of them, tries to persuade Angelique to join them in their mission because she has the power to be the sole female Purifier. A Thanatos appears at their school while Angelique hesitates. Nyx and Rayne, the other Purifier, are fighting a losing struggle. Angelique's urge to help everyone emerges when her classmates fall victim to Thanatos and the Purifiers are battered to surrender. She became the "Queen's Egg," the only female Purifier in their country of Arcadia.