List of One Piece Straw Hat Theater Episodes

One Piece Straw Hat Theater

Other name: One Piece Straw Hat Theater


Straw Hat Theater is a collection of five shorts that aired in October 2006 alongside One Piece episodes 279–283. They are based on Oda Eiichiro's side comics, which he created when his editor gave him three sheets of blank paper and ordered him to draw whatever he wanted. The first short has Chopper Man invading the wicked Dr. Usodabada's stronghold. The second short is a news story about what the Straw Hats ate before Sanji joined the group. The third short tackles the hypothetical issue of "who would be the strongest if the Straw Hat Pirates were Obahan?" The fourth short is about the bosses of the Luffione, Zorocia, and Sanjino families competing for power. In the sixth paragraph