List of Osana Reimu Episodes

Osana Reimu

Other name: Osana Reimu


Joyful () of Nico Nico Douga developed Osana Reimu (also known as "Little Reimu"), an episodic sort-of Film Comic. This Touhou Project Fanfic takes place a few years before Reimu Hakurei's adventures, and follows the lives of a younger Reimu, her mother as the current Hakurei miko, and Rumia - who, according to common fanon, is Sealed Evil in a Can in present-day Gensokyo, is now an adult in this timeline. Despite the fact that Rumia is a youkai and Reimu and her mother are humans, the three of them form an unbreakable bond... until one terrible day when the harsh reality of Gensokyo and Rumia's requirements as a youkai catch up with them...