List of Pacific Rim The Black Season 2 Episodes

Pacific Rim The Black Season 2

Other name: Pacific Rim The Black Season 2


Set in the same world as the previous film and following an alternate version of the events in Pacific Rim: Uprising, a race of monsters known as Kaiju emerge from the Pacific Rim and take over Australia. To fight back, humans construct massive armed robots known as Jaegers, but they fail, and the continent is abandoned, leaving only isolated pockets of survivors. Hayley and Taylor Travis, two teenage siblings, are left behind by their parents, who depart to fight the Kaiju but never return. Five years later, Hayley and Taylor come uncover a long-abandoned training Jaeger named Atlas Destroyer, which they activate and start off on a mission to find their parents. They must not only cope with raiding Kaiju, but also with other survivors who are struggling for survival.