List of Peace Maker Kurogane Episodes

Peace Maker Kurogane

Other name: Peace Maker Kurogane


The plot revolves around the main character, Tetsunosuke Ichimura, a fifteen-year-old who is lively, small, and extremely childish (16 in the manga). After his parents are brutally murdered, he and his elder brother Tatsunosuke are forced to fend for themselves. While Tetsunosuke is eager for vengeance, his peaceful brother is not. "Tatsu" joins the Shinsengumi, a special police force, as an accountant to make a livelihood, while his brother "Tetsu" aspires to join as a soldier to exact revenge. Tetsu's hardships and tribulations as a struggling page seeking atonement are depicted in the narrative. He forms bonds with all of the great Shinsengumi army members, assisting them with their individual challenges while continually battling his own. At the time,