List of Persona 3 the Movie 3 Falling Down Episodes

Persona 3 the Movie 3 Falling Down

Other name: Persona 3 the Movie 3 Falling Down


"I kind of get it now... You're terrified of losing stuff, aren't you?" The season changes to fall. The protagonist and his crew S.E.E.S. are nearing the conclusion of their war with the odd beasts known as 'Shadows.' Makoto and his comrades fight Shadows in life-or-death conflicts in order to put an end to the Dark Hour. During the fights, some must confront the loss of friends and family, others must consider what valuable items must be safeguarded, and yet others must find purpose in the wars that have transpired. Ryouji Mochizuki, a strange transfer student, arrives in front of Makoto. When the company awakens to a new day, the wheels of fate begin to move. A conflict centered on each of the heroes' ties begins...