List of Sasameki Koto Episodes

Sasameki Koto

Other name: Sasameki Koto


Murasame Sumika, a brilliant and athletically skilled girl, falls in love with her closest friend, Kazama Ushio, in Sasameki Koto. Sumika, unable to express her feelings, can only stand by her side and keep an eye on her. After all, the largest impediment to her love is something she cannot change. It has nothing to do with the fact that they are both female; Sumika is just not Kazama's type! Kazama is only interested in pretty girls, and Sumika's calm demeanor doesn't meet the bill. Kazama is constantly ready to share news about her current infatuation, to to her friend's chagrin. Sumika's difficulties appear to have just just begun, according to the duo's proclivity for drawing controversy. Gen