List of Shikabane Hime Kuro Episodes

Shikabane Hime Kuro

Other name: Shikabane Hime Kuro


Shikabane Hime: Aka is a straight continuation that takes place six months after Tagami Keisei's murder at the hands of the Shichisei (Seven Stars), a gang of elite Shikabane who act on more than just regrets. According to Keisei's dying desire, Kagami Ouri forged a temporary pact with Makina to save her from devolving into a Shikabane. Since then, Ouri has been studying to become a true monk so that he might remain contracted to Makina and aid her in her struggle against the Shichisei – the people who murdered Makina, the whole Hoshimura family, and now Keisei. Shishidou Akasha, a disloyal monk, has united with the Shichisei in an attempt to eliminate all Shikabane Hime and the whole monk organization that employs them — Kougon Sect.