List of Sore ga Seiyuu! Episodes

Sore ga Seiyuu!

Other name: Sore ga Seiyuu!


Futaba Ichinose furiously scurries around, looking for auditions and performance sessions, dreaming of becoming a top-tier professional in the fast-paced, competitive world of voice acting. She rubs elbows with some of the industry's top figures, trying to create her own distinct voice and style. Along the journey, she meets two crucial allies: Ichigo Moesaki, an aspiring idol who claims to be a princess from another planet, and Rin Kohana, a cheery kid actress who juggles her job and school. The ladies face the ups and downs of the entertainment industry together, but for Futaba, whose performance evaluation at her agency is right around the horizon, her career may end sooner than planned! Sore