List of SSSS Gridman Episodes

SSSS Gridman

Other name: SSSS Gridman


Yuuta Hibiki awakens in Rikka Takarada's chamber, noticing two things: he has no memories and can hear a mystery voice calling his name from another room. On closer study, he discovers a robot beneath the screen of an ancient computer, which announces itself as Hyper Agent Gridman. Rikka can't hear Gridman, and she can't see the scary beasts looming over a dense fog that has engulfed the town outside, much to Yuuta's amazement. Another massive creature appears in the city and begins wreaking devastation. In the middle of the chaos, Yuuta is attracted back to the old computer and merges with Gridman. He arrives out of nowhere in the middle of the conflict and is compelled to combat the monster. Rikka and I worked together on this project.