List of TONIKAWA Over the Moon For You Episodes

TONIKAWA Over the Moon For You

Other name: TONIKAWA Over the Moon For You


Nasa Yuzaki has spent his life trying to be recognized for something other than his odd name. Fortunately, he appears to be on the right track, having placed first in the nation's mock examinations and been accepted into his preferred high school. Everything changes in a single night, though, when he sees a girl across the street while walking home. It's love at first sight for Nasa, who is enraptured by her sheer sweetness. However, in his enamored stupor, he misses the oncoming danger rushing down the road and finds himself on the verge of death. Nasa musters the strength to express his love for her, despite the fact that he is barely alive owing to the girl's help. She accepts his offer on one condition.