List of Ushio to Tora (1992) Episodes

Ushio to Tora (1992)

Other name: Ushio to Tora (1992)


Ushio feels his father's story of an old ancestor impaling a demon with the fabled Beast Spear on a temple altar stone is nonsense, but when he discovers the monster in his own basement, he has to reconsider the family mythology! Fortunately, Ushio understands that it's preferable to let sleeping dogs alone and captive devils alone. Unfortunately, the monster's outpouring of evil energy attracts additional demons to Ushio's neighborhood! Ushio is obliged to free Tora from his captivity in order to defend his friends and family from the invading ghosts. Will the remedy, however, be worse than the disease? Will Ushio be a Tora-snack at the end of his life? Will the Beast Spear be able to hold Tora in check for long enough?