List of Yu Gi Oh! Go Rush!! Episodes

Yu Gi Oh! Go Rush!!

Other name: Yu Gi Oh! Go Rush!!


Yuhi and Yuamu Ohdo are twin elementary school students who own the alien eradication organization UTS in Mutsuba Town (Ultraterrestrial Trouble Solutions). They spend their days looking for aliens with a curious technology invented by Yuhi... Until, that is, one fateful day!! They discovered an actual spacecraft shortly after forming a mystery school club, and while aboard, they made contact with Yudias, an extraterrestrial from the faraway Velgear Star Cluster. Yudias has come to Earth after being chased from his own star cluster, looking for a route to a new future, and "Rush Duel" appears to give a method to accomplish so, but he knows nothing about it. Yuhi opposes the